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Here you can register and set-up a user account. When you register as a hiring manger, a default assessment is automatically created for you. You can use the default assessment or you can create a new, customized assessment for one or more grants management positions within your organization.

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Important Information about this Assessment

Most human resources (HR) organizations have established specific requirements and guidelines for hiring employees, especially federal agencies. This assessment tool is intended to supplement existing practices, requirements, and procedures. It is not intended to be the sole factor that hiring managers will use in making a hiring decision. We encourage hiring managers, particularly those within Federal agencies, to consult with their HR offices to determine how this assessment can be properly utilized in their decision-making process.

It will be important to explain a number of key factors about the assessment to HR offices. These factors include:

  • The assessment is based on extensive search by the National Grants Management Association (NGMA) in developing a Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) credential and exam.
  • NGMA’s research identified the knowledge and skill sets that are essential to successful grants management.
  • This assessment was developed by grants management experts at the federal, state and local levels of government and is also applicable to hiring decisions made by non-profit organizations.
  • The assessment was developed because those hiring grants management professionals do not generally have evaluation tools capable of screening candidates to validate critical competencies across such a large array of required skills and knowledge, particularly when candidate resumes commonly mimic one another on grants management skill sets.
  • The assessment is unique in that it will offer a system for users to reach a documented candidate selection conclusion across a matrix of skill sets specific to an organization’s needs, rather than solely relying on resume, application and interview content and intuitive assessments which are often difficult to document.

In addition to assisting a hiring manager assess job candidates, this tool can be used for other purposes, including:

  • To help hiring managers inform both their own agency and job applicants about the knowledge level and skills needed for a specific job opening;
  • To educate young professionals and others about the broad nature of grants management; and
  • To conduct a self-assessment.

Prior to registering, please read the following disclaimer and check the acknowledgement box if you wish to proceed.


While this Assessment is intended for use by non-profits and all levels of government, government hiring managers should consult their human resource offices before using this Assessment to ensure consistency with hiring practices and procedures. This Assessment is designed to supplement government hiring practices and procedures. It is not intended to be the sole factor that government managers will use in making a hiring decision.